Dear Dr. Foster,

Thank you for all your kindness and support that you have shown me with regard to the treatment of my eye disease. You, and your entire staff at MERSI have been so kind and wonderful to me and my mother each visit. I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and MERSI for all you do.

I have been your patient for 20 years and firmly believe I would be blind in my right eye if not for your treatment. I am very grateful to have you in my life.

Kathryn P.

Dear Dr. Foster, Deb, and all the wonderful staff,

Thank you for all you’ve done for me over the last 7 years. The gift of sight is a wonderful blessing not to be taken for granted!

Laura M.

Dear Dr. Foster and Staff,

My grandmother, whom is 89 years old, a talented artist and has had perfect vision up until a few months ago, visited MERSI today. I referred her to Dr. Foster for a consultation/ second opinion regarding a quick onset of macular degeneration that had her very concerned. She has a lot of spunk for her age and as we all know the threat or reality of vision loss can be almost devastating. Upon completion of her work-up and consult, she and my father, who accompanied her, could not say enough about the fantastic care received. My father has also suffered with serious retina problems in his lifetime and takes eye care very seriously.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at MERSI for giving the same high standard of care that is given to all MERSI patients; she and my Dad were absolutely raving about how wonderful Dr. Foster and his staff are. They couldn’t say enough about the entire experience; from the waiting room and ambiance to the medical care. A morning at MERSI sure exceeded their expectations!

Again, I thank and commend everyone involved for their hard work, patience, and willingness to provide such excellent patient education.


I was so impresssed by my visit to MERSI yesterday. I only wish I lived in Boston so that I could be under Dr. Fosters’s care. I received a confirmed diagnosis and a lot of good information. Everyone was very kind, professional and helpful. It was a warm and welcoming place. Now I must take all of this great information and find someone here in Canada that will follow this treatment plan. I see hope for the first time and things are little less overwhelming. Thanks again to Dr Foster and all the people at MERSI.

Marg B. – Canada

I really enjoyed everyone at MERSI. Dr. Foster is amazing. He is so thorough with such great attention to detail. Despite not knowing exactly what I have, I really found Dr. Foster to be incredible. I so appreciated how he communicated with me, how he put me at ease (as much as one can be in these situations). He’s just really top notch. I also am so impressed with the whole staff, from Ashley right down to the very nice nurse who dealt with my allergic reaction to the dye study. Wonderful place that I will highly recommend to anyone who needs it.


I want to thank you for almost ten years of care that has been the very best! The passion for what you do is tangible; your reputation, most deserved. I feel very fortunate to be one of your patients.

Ruth R.

Dear Dr. Foster,

Thank you and your office for everything you’ve done for me. I felt very comfortable in your office and despite the fear of what was happening, I even enjoyed myself. Everyone was very friendly. Thank you especially to Debbie for squeezing me in on such short notice and the ladies in the billing office for working so hard to obtain me a referral from the insurance company. My vision has improved considerably and I’ve returned to school successfully. Thank you all again so much.


When the late Stephen Foster, songwriter, wrote about his “beautiful dreamer” he couldn’t have known that another Stephen Foster, in another era, would have a “beautiful dream” and have this dream come true. Because of your “dream” you are helping hundreds of people making their lives easier and healthier. Thanks for all you’re doing for me, and I’m sure I speak for so many others.

Suzanne M.

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